AR and cities

Here there are some study-cases we have found about the application of AR technology in the culture and heritage fields.

Timetraveler Berlin Wall

We choose this example because we have to develop an app which promotes and encourages the 5VIE’s intangible heritage through statements of the people, who have lived in the old town center for years.

This is very simple and intuitive app. You just open the timetraveler app on your device, tipp on a location marker and activate the AR modus.

You can then point your device at the corresponding test film on “Timetraveler” website and get an idea how the app would work if you were standing at the Berlin Wall memorial.

Parco del Cardeto

Tomorrow there will be an extraordinary event in Ancona to promote the cultural legacy of the city.

You have just to download on your phone “Layar” app and then, directing your device to estabilished points, several characters will appear and let you know curiosities and stories about the city and its monuments.

Visiting the park, bring with you your smarthphone and tablet, but don’t worry if you haven’t one…you can borrow one there to live this incredible experience.

Finally we found very intersting and useful this Wired’s article about AR in Italian museums.

Enjoy the reading! 😉

Team 10


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