Projection Mapping

“At the launch of Adidas Boost in Italy, each of 100.000 square feet of the facade came to life, resulting in a show of monumental proportions. The building was shaken by vibrations of energy, bent, broken, torn, and even brought down.”

Also known as video mapping and spatial augmented reality, Projection Mapping uses everyday video projectors, but instead of projecting on a flat screen, light is mapped onto any surface, turning common objects of any 3D shape into interactive displays.

Specialized software or just some elbow grease can be used to align the virtual content and the physical objects.
Projection mapping can be used on buildings to advertise, entertain or inform.

Here you can find the making of the Projection Mapping on Grattacielo Pirelli:

Another example of Projection Mapping in Italy:

Team 8


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