The new Facebook: apps and focus

Facebook used to be a single blue app that did a lot of different things. Now Facebook is a family of apps.

This is how Mark Zuckerberg opened the F8 Facebook Developer Conference last Wednesday.
The approach that Facebook has taken on mobile it’s pretty clear: it’s better to have a constellation of focused apps, rather than one big app that tries to do everything.
Every app is focused on one thing: Messenger only lets you chat with your friends, Groups is just about groups, Pages lets you only manage your public pages.

Instagram is another platform that is moving in the same direction. Recently, they released an app which lets you compose collages and nothing else, and a couple of months they launched Hyperlapse, to record time-lapse videos.

While it seems that big developers prefer to launch stand-alone apps rather than implement new features into their main app, we still don’t know how users will react to this shift (even if Facebook’s Messenger wasn’t received very well).

Andrea, team 6


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